Aereo Goes National

Yesterday, Aereo announced plans to expand their broadcast-over-internet service to 38 markets.  If you have been thinking of cutting your cable bill, but are not excited about installing an antenna or are in a poor reception area, Aereo might be for you.  Aereo allows you to watch live broadcast television at home or on the go.  The Aereo service includes a virtual DVR and a real remote for as little as $80 per year.

Aereo can be accessed using most browsers, iPhones, iPads, AppleTV (via AirPlay), and Roku streaming players (with firmware 3.0 or better).  Click here for a list of compatible devices.

What’s not to like?

  1. Aereo is not free
  2. Not all broadcast stations are not available via Aereo
  3. Aereo is limited to five devices

In other words, not much.  Did I mention it’s free to try?

I plan to at least try Aereo when it is available in my market.  For me, it would be worth $80/yr to be able to stream tv to my laptop by the pool or a Roku in a hotel room.


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