Channel Spotlight: CS50

While exploring Roku content, I stumbled across a channel called CS50.  The CS stands for computer science and the channel is Harvard’s introduction to computer science.  Harvard has made this content available to other schools and the general public.  The Roku channel conjures the lectures, but there is also a web site with all the quizzes  projects, and supporting software downloads.  What I really like about this channel, is that there is no prerequisite but the course is not a class on keyboarding and Office.  From the syllabus…

Topics include abstraction, algorithms, encapsulation, data structures, databases, memory management, security, software development, virtualization, and websites. Languages include C, PHP, and JavaScript plus SQL, CSS, and HTML. Problem sets inspired by real-­‐world domains of biology, cryptography, finance, forensics, and gaming. Designed for concentrators and non-­‐concentrators alike, with or without prior programming experience.

If you do not have a Roku, the course is available in a web browser:

Now, go get smart!


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