Rovi to End Broadcast TVGOS

I have been reading that TVGOS was going away.  Until this morning, however, I had heard nothing official.  Today, Rovi made it official…

Dear Len Mullen,

We regret to inform you that Rovi has announced the termination of broadcast Guide data in North America beginning on November 1, 2012 and completing in April 2013.

The TVGOS broadcast service was never said to be a lifetime service.  In fact, your product owners manual should say that the service is not guaranteed to be available in all areas at all times.

This was a business decision between Rovi and your manufacturer.  Please refer to your CE manufacturer for further inquiries.


CE Technical Support

I’m posting this information so that people have time to figure out how to deal with this problem and to warn people not to buy devices expecting TVGOS broadcast service.  If you want online TVGuide, look for devices that support v10+ of TVGOS which gets data over the internet.

If your device uses broadcast TVGOS, you should expect reduced functionality or complete failure when broadcasts cease.  Google TVGOS plus the model of your device for more information.

My five DTVPal DVRs use broadcast TVGOS.  I’ve turned this off to see how PSIP works.  I’ll update this as I learn more.  Please post a comment if you have something to share.

By Len Mullen Posted in News, OTA

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