Time to Buy a Roku?

This week, early adopters began receiving their Roku 3 streaming media players.  Already, the Roku 3 is the ‘#1 Best Seller in Multiroom Digital Music Systems’ on Amazon.com — whatever that means.  Should you buy a Roku 3?  Will a Roku 3 let you cut the cable?  In the next couple paragraphs, I’ll try to help you figure that out.

This is a blog about cutting the cable not streaming media, so any review of streaming media players has to begin with a discussion of where the media player fits into the cable cutting strategy.  Obviously, this kind of a discussion is going to be subjective — people who watch Netflix 80% of the time are going to be more excited about streaming media players than people who turn on the local news in the morning, the evening news at night, and syndicated sitcoms in between.  I fall into the latter group and am not terribly excited about streaming the internet to my television.  Just the same, I own eight streaming media players of which five are Rokus. Continue reading