Recently, a number of sources have speculated that Amazon is getting ready to unveil their own streaming media box.  No details have emerged, so this is the perfect time to fantasize about what kind of OTT experience Jeff Bezos has in store for us.  Let’s play!

FireTV will be a FireHD without a battery, charging infrastructure, and touchscreen.  So, it will include a camera, a mic, and Bluetooth profiles for game controllers, keyboards, and other interesting controllers.  It will have access to the Amazon app store so we can use all those free apps of the day we have been collecting on our Fires.  It will also be able to read books to us (or our kids) at bedtime.

Amazon will buy or partner with Aereo, accelerate national roll out, and include live local broadcast television with Prime.

Amazon will integrate VOIP too!  If you have an Amazon cell phone, the same number will ‘ring’ your FireTV so you can video chat with grandma!

The viewing experience will be different and better than anything we have ever known.  X-Ray for FireTV will make people forget TIVO.  We’ll be able to find more episodes, similar content, and information about the program we are watching.  When a product in an ad catches our eye, we’ll learn more about the product by pressing the info button on the remote or purchase the product using the buy button.

If this all sounds expensive, don’t worry, Amazon will make a ton of money with FireTV.  Amazon will offer an ad service for channels that will place ads, track clicks, and pay content providers. This will work on other boxes, but it will work better on the Amazon box because generating sales will pay better than counting views. All of this will subsidize Prime. When you inquire about a product, Amazon price will be offered. You will also be offered to get it shipped if you sign up for prime and will get a discount if you sign up for an amazon card. If you are shopping on the internet, amazon will show you better prices from their partners. Then amazon will sell all the marketing data they collect.

By Len Mullen Posted in OTT

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