Fox Movies: OTAwesome!

This morning my DVR proudly presented a new station to me.  The screen was blank, but  pressing info and revealed this: WFXT DTV Movie Channel Coming Soon. Googling a bit, i found this

FOX Television Stations and Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting have announced a deal to host a feature film network called Movies! on 17 of its local O&O stations beginning this spring.

Films will be edited mainly for inappropriate language or images, not run times, and be presented in the 16 x 9 format. The goal, Fox said, “is to create a new destination for movie fans that is fan friendly and available for free via over the air television, and in many cases via local cable carriage.”

The network will be available in the following markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, Boston, Washington (DC), Atlanta, Houston, Detroit, Phoenix, Tampa, Minneapolis, Orlando, Austin, Memphis and Ocala (FL).  Most of these are Aereo expansion targets and Austin has Google Fiber.

According to Chicagoloand Radio and Media, Movies! Network will make its debut this coming Memorial Day (May 27th).


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