GetTV: Sony OTA Movie Channel


Sony Pictures Television is jumping into the subchannel business with the digital network GetTV, which will launch this fall on Univision stations in 24 markets, including in 17 of the top 20 DMAs. It will be available in 44% of U.S. TV homes. Sony is actively selling GetTV to other station groups.

The diginet will air old movies from Sony’s library of some 3,500 films, including Lawrence of Arabiaand The Bridge on the River Kwai.

“What Sony’s announcement really means — forget about classic movies — is that networks like Me-TV, This TV, Antenna TV and GetTV are destined to have original content,” Kokernak says. “They’re all going to go original eventually. It’s just a matter of when.” lists these markets as part of a fall 2013 launch…

  • 35-2 (35) 480i KFPH-CD PHOENIX, AZ Univision
  • 41-2 (41) 480i KTFF-LD FRESNO, CA Univision
  • 46-2 (29) 480i KFTR-DT ONTARIO, CA Univision
  • 61-2 (48) 480i KTFF-DT PORTERVILLE, CA Univision
  • 64-3 (26) 480i KTFK-DT STOCKTON, CA Univision
  • 66-3 (34) 480i KFSF-DT VALLEJO, CA Univision
  • 14-3 (15) 480i KTFD-DT BOULDER, CO Entravision
  • 43-2 (43) 480i WOTF-DT MELBOURNE, FL Entravision
  • 23-2 (23) 480i WLTV-DT MIAMI, FL Univision
  • 50-3 (47) 480i WFTT-DT TAMPA, FL Entravision
  • 34-3 (48) 480i WUVG-DT ATHENS, GA Univision
  • 60-2 (50) 480i WXFT-DT AURORA, IL Univision
  • 66-3 (27) 480i WUTF-DT MARLBOROUGH, MA Entravision
  • 68-3 (30) 480i WFUT-DT NEWARK, NJ Univision
  • 65-3 (29) 480i WUVP-DT VINELAND, NJ Univision
  • 14-2 (22) 480i KTFQ-DT ALBUQUERQUE, NM Entravision
  • 67-3 (23) 480i WFTY-DT SMITHTOWN, NY Univision
  • 61-2 (34) 480i WQHS-DT CLEVELAND, OH Univision
  • 67-2 (36) 480i KFTH-DT ALVIN, TX Univision
  • 17-2 (18) 480i KNIC-DT BLANCO, TX Univision
  • 49-2 (48) 480i KSTR-DT IRVING, TX Univision
  • 62-3 (13) 480i KAKW-DT KILLEEN, TX Univision
  • 32-2 (32) 480i KUTH-DT PROVO, UT Univision
  • 14-2 (15) 480i WFDC-DT ARLINGTON, VA Entravision

5 comments on “GetTV: Sony OTA Movie Channel

  1. What happened to the Sony Movie channel 66-3 KFSF, Vallajo? I only get “BOUNCE TV” on 66-3. I was so looking forward to Sony movies.

    • I wish I had an answer for you. We have been waiting for Sony Movie Channel on WUTF in Boston for nearly a year. They had a logo on the lower corner of the screen indicating ‘getTV coming in October’ until November then it switched to ‘getTV coming soon’ and now it says getTV. Maybe I am watching it? SMC’s web site is It includes Facebook, Twitter, and Contact links. You might try contacting SMC directly. Your KFSF seems to be a mirror of our WUTF right down to the virtual channel 66 and the lineup of subchannels (UniMás, Bounce TV, and GetTV). Has your logo changed to getTV? Maybe our patience is about to be rewarded?

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