EchoStar DVR Details!

I got an email from Shelley O’Connell (EchoStar Marketing) this morning providing details of the new Channel Master K77 DVRs.  It’s all good news…

  • Program Guide
  • USB Storage
  • Available Later This Year

Follow this blog for updates.  I’m a HUGE fan of EchoStar products in general and the DTVPal DVR in particular.  I’ve posted the email below.  Enjoy!

Hi Len, great to hear from you again!

We are so excited about this product. I can’t provide too much information just yet, other than what has already leaked through the FCC filings. J I can tell you that there will be two versions of the product – a lower-priced model for which you can supply your own USB external hard drive (no capacity limit), and a model with an internal hard drive (of a substantial size). Yes, it will include a program guide and both models are capable of extended USB storage – some people now save content libraries on USB hard drives the way we used to with VCR tapes! This product is perfect for that function.

Channel Master is an amazing partner to work with, they are the undisputed world experts on OTA. They actually still hold the original patent for the very first aerial TV antenna from 1949. Combine that with our DVR technology and it’s a match made in heaven for OTA DVR consumers. And from a design standpoint, this one’s a sports car. It makes our beloved DTVPal DVR look like a school bus.

Availability will be “later this fall”. Sorry for the cryptic answer! However, there will be an exclusive private pre-sale/promotional event prior to public launch. It should coincide nicely with the holiday shopping season. We’re only inviting a very select group and I will add your contact info to the list and pass along to Channel Master, that way you will be hearing directly from them as we get closer! This product is the flagship base from which Channel Master will continue to add exciting new features and services in the future – an Ethernet connection is highly recommended for the “full” experience beyond just great OTA/DVR functionality.

Always a pleasure,

Shelley O’Connell
Marketing Communications | EchoStar


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