Simple TV for Dummies

After playing with the Simple TV DVR for a couple months, I have a couple tips to share.

  1. Simple TV DVR Disk List (disks I have tested)
  2. simple-tv-api (script to copy files from USB disk to MP4)
  3. STV Download GUI (utility to copy files from disk USB to MP4)
  4. A new blog for you!

Here is a link to my Simple TV DVR review and a link to the Simple TV DVR user forums.

By Len Mullen Posted in OTA, Tip

2 comments on “Simple TV for Dummies

  1. I was a little shy on the Api, I saw it on the simple.Tv forum and it seemed folks were having issues with it.. did you get it to work ok?

    • We’re all just playing at this point, but I was able to play the downloaded file on my PC and my Roku via Plex. There is some talk about the file format on the forums. I think it’s worth keeping up with while we wait for Simple to implement the promised MP4 download. I mostly just wanted to increase awareness.

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