PlayOn Testing Chromecast Support

from PlayOn’s forums

We have some exciting news: support for the Chromecast and a completely redesigned PlayOn browser extension are almost ready to be released! We know many of you are anxious to try it sooner rather than later, so we’re making this new version available as a beta release.

Should you use the beta?

Sure! Just know that betas are unstable and may not always work as expected, so go into this expecting a few hiccups.

What do I do with it?

Well, this version is essentially the same as the version you use right now, so just use PlayOn and PlayLater as you normally would. The only difference is you’ll see your Chromecast devices appear in the device list for PlayCast and the browser extension will look very different (and very cool).

How can I get started?

To make it easy to install the new browser extension, uninstall PlayOn and PlayLater. Then download the new versions of PlayOn and PlayLater from the links below. Even if you only use one or the other, you still need to download both installers.

Once you have both installers downloaded, install PlayOn first and then install PlayLater.

What if something is really busted?

Please send email with any feedback, questions, or problems you might have to