Mohu Channels Kickstarter Closing

With 21 hours left in the project, I have decided to withdraw my support. I think it could be a good device for a lot of cord cutters, but not for me. Lack of Simple DVR support is kind of a big deal, but my scrutiny of the project over the last week has eroded my confidence in their ability to deliver what has been promised — never mind what many were hoping for.

I have a Fire TV coming tomorrow and will focus my energies on that for now.

Good luck to those who hang on.  A successful Mohu Channels is good for the cord cutting community.

By Len Mullen Posted in OTA, OTT

9 comments on “Mohu Channels Kickstarter Closing

  1. It wasn’t one thing. They simply didn’t close the deal. Had they included Plex, XBMC, Simple, or some other way to play my time shifted media, I would have stayed in despite declining expectations.

    I think a guide grid will be great for a lot of people and pause too, but I already have those with my DTVPals.

    In my twitter, email, and exchanged comments, I really began to suspect they were promising more than they could deliver. I’m already dealing with the Simple team. I need an Amazon project — something that will deliver more than expected — right now.

    I guess, if there was a deal kiler, it was the arrival of Fire TV.

  2. There is already a ton of folks sideloading apps onvFire TV… am curious if Chrome can be loaded and maybe Simple.Tv?

    • I have had an eye on the Tablo for some time. It is a competitor to the Simple DVR not Mohu Channels, Fire TV, Roku, or DVR+. The fact that it has no fan is great news, but I’m not sure it’s a Simple DVR Killer. It looks very similar and the fact that Adam had to manually reconfigure his router to get it to work is a big red flag. The pairing process looks like a buzz kill as well.

      I bought V1 single tuner Simple DVRs. With lifetime subscription to their service, the cost was <$100 per tuner. A dual tuner Tablo is $219. Lifetime is $150. The cost per tuner for two tuners is nearly twice that of the Simple V1. For four tuners (two units), the cost per tuner is $150/tuner. For me, that makes the Simple V1 a very attractive option.

      I'd choose the Simple single tuner device over the Tablo for the same reasons I'd choose it over the two tuner Simple V2…

      – cost/tuner
      – prefer not to save two files to one disk concurrently (fragmentation)
      – concerned about heat using two tuners concurrently
      – connectivity flexibility
      – impact on tuner performance of internal splitting

      Simple has provided terrible support and concerns with the fans are valid, but I would be just as concerned about Tablo's lack of cooling. Unless a teardown reveals a massive heat sink, I expect to hear that the Tablo has heat issues.

      My five Simple DVRs have been quietly capturing programming for four months. Once I figured out which disk to use, I have had zero problems. Some clever people have produced utilities to move files from the DVRs to a local disk. I like the way it works remotely (it's easy to access my antenna from the road or share an antenna with a friend with a Roku), I like the multi-unit management on a PC, tablet, or Roku, and I like the PC app. I'd live to trial a Tablo, but I would not spend $370 to do it.

      If you are considering a whole house DVR, I would still recommend a Simple V1 at $95 via woot plus a Western Digital 2t (WDBFJK0020HBK-04) powered usb disk.

      • Yeah I already have two v1’s and I have had few problems with them Chrome browser on a Pc is very stable, Roku connectivity can be a problem even with hard wired ethernet

        But if simple.TV closes their doors Tablo looks to be an alternative

        You are right about simple’s customer service… it is terrible and may be their downfall when coupled with competitive market

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