I hope you enjoyed this blog. It was a catchall for my ideas and experiences as I transitioned from cable to broadcast tv. I’ve organized all of my thoughts in a new blog which is from the perspective of one who has been there. Take a look…

This is the last post to The Beer’s On Comcast.


2 comments on “Moving

  1. Good luck Len of course i’ll be following.

    Why the name change? I must admit I though “The Beer’s on COMCAST” was a VERY clever and creative name.



  2. It’s easier for people to remember or find using google. After more than four years, this really isn’t about Comcast anymore. It’s about Free TV and I thought that should be reflected in the name. I guess I’m turning the page. Information from two other blogs were rolled into Free TV.

    Hope you get a chance to look at the new blog.

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