What I Watch: Summary

Here’s a chart that shows what kind of programming is available via the various solutions.  It should help in choosing the solution that most completely satisfies one’s programming needs.  That’s what you really wanted to know, right?  Keep in mind that Playon and Plex are servers that require a set top component and that neither of these can be used with the Sony Media Player (SMP).  Think of Playon and Plex as supplements to Roku that provide more programming but require a computer be running whenever programming is being served…

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What I Watch: SMP

In our home, we rely primarily on broadcast television for news and entertainment.  We use streaming boxes and servers as well.  Some content is available via multiple venues.  I have four SMP-N200s.  I bought these because they were the first box to support all of the major streaming services.  I love these for the the way they play media off a USB disk.  These days, I really only turn of an SMP when I am planning to watch movies off the USB drive all day long.  In fact, I rarely watch any channels on the SMPs.  So, this is a list of the channels I might be watching on the SMP if that was the only streamer I owned… Continue reading